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There’s a shift happening. More phones are being left in pockets during dinner. There’s a resurgence of the physical—independent print magazines, vinyl records—things we can grasp and interact with in the moment without the chance of digital distraction.

Many of us are taking back the micro-seconds we spend crafting micro-posts that add up to mega time. We’re trying to be present instead of documenting every second. Were you at the beach/game/meetup/dinner today, or was your social media account?

Daily Minded isn’t just an email and text-based journaling service, it’s a reminder that we can still enjoy the benefits of our always-connected lives without sacrificing our ability to be present while living them.

We created Daily Minded around five core pillars. These pillars are our attempt at explaining how beneficial we find the act of journaling. Having a set time to journal everyday gives us a sense of permission to dedicate time to reflect and get our thoughts out of our heads and into a private journal. No likes to get, no comments to receive.


We believe slow and steady wins the race. Daily Minded encourages us to stick to the process in order to see the benefits of writing everyday.


Daily Minded uses the technology we engage in everyday: email and texting. It's not another website to visit every hour for the latest updates. It's not a book and pen that we can misplace. Nor does it require us to find the perfect location to sit and write. It simply offers us a moment each day to think and capture our thoughts.


We can't chronicle our day if we haven’t been paying attention. Daily Minded encourages us to think of a moment, a word someone spoke, a striking image, as something to add to our journal. As we become more alert, we will slow down and observe the world, and ourselves, in the moment.


Logging in or seeing a previous post helps us remember our past, not just the event but our emotions and state of mind. Daily Minded helps us think back a bit, reconsider our days, and even re-spark ideas we've forgotten (if we wrote them down!). Most importantly, reflection gives us perspective on our current day and our place along life's path.


If we follow the previous steps, we come full circle. But this time around, we're a little more experienced, maybe a little wiser. We can be more consistent. Our journals are a part of daily routine. We find ourselves more awake and ready to collect our thoughts and actions. And we like to be reminded of where we were, which helps us see where we're going.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey of slowing down, of taking time for yourself each day. This isn’t a bunch of “startup talk.” The entire Daily Minded team uses our own service everyday. We’ve each documented our personal lives, uploaded photos from family events, and some of us have even used it to take our mindfulness journeys further with meditation.

How you use Daily Minded is up to you. Journal Everyday.

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