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Daily Minded began when friends Jamie (developer), Andy (marketer), and Lance (designer) decided to combine two of our everyday goals, mindfulness and journaling. We realized both pursuits have a lot in common, especially the challenge of being consistent, day in and day out.

All three of us had used other journaling services and apps before—Daily Minded is itself a relaunch of a service Jamie and Andy created (My Evening Post). But there was nothing available we felt really got it right, so we decided to make our own. Our goal was an app we wanted to use everyday, something that would encourage not only our journaling but also remind us to be present, to pay attention, and thereby making us better personal chroniclers and, well, journalers.

And Daily Minded was born.

Our mission is to get you (and us) writing everyday. We believe in the power of journaling to give us perspective, to calm our minds, and even increase our happiness—benefits science backs up, which is cool, you know, because science!

The Daily Minded process is really simple. We send you an email and/or text everyday at a time you choose. You reply how you want to: long-form writing, a list, a few words, photos, all of the above. Then repeat. Everyday. That's it. Before you know it, you're on your way to being a consistent, daily writer and the owner of a rich journal, full of your experiences.

Wether or not you're interested in the mindfulness aspect, we want Daily Minded to become a part of your everyday routine. So if you want to keep a dream journal, a travel journal (texting works great for travel journaling), 5 year journal, or anything in between, we've tried to make the technology as seamless as possible.

To guide our path when creating the app, we came up with these five principles to keep us on track. We call them The Five Pillars of Daily Minded, which is a little grandiose, but sometimes it's good to think big.


We believe slow and steady wins the race. Daily Minded challenges us to stick to the process in order to see the benefits of writing everyday.


Daily Minded uses technology we engage in everyday: email and texting. It's not another website to go to. It's not a book and pen and place to sit and write we need to find. It's a moment to think and capture our thoughts about our day.


We can't chronicle our day if we aren't paying attention. Daily Minded encourages us to think of an experience, a word someone spoke, a striking image, as something to add to our journal. As we become more alert, we will slow down and observe the world—and ourselves—in the moment.


Reading our posts helps us recall our experiences, not just events but also our emotions and state of mind. Daily Minded helps us to think back a bit, reconsider our days, and even re-spark ideas we've forgotten (if we wrote them down!). Most importantly, reflection gives us perspective on our current day and our place along life's path.


If we follow the previous steps, we come full circle. But this time around, we're a little more experienced, maybe a little wiser. We can be more consistent. Our journals are a part of daily routine. We find ourselves more awake and ready to collect our thoughts and actions. And we like to be reminded of where we were, which help us see where we're going.

P.S. Check out our blog! We focus on things like living mindfully, journal writing ideas, journal writing topics, journaling tips, and more. Plus, we'd love to hear your thoughts and get your feedback.

Jamie, Andy, and Lance
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